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D Town Christian News

Shoes Saves Foundation Ministries

February 5, 2023 

Hello friends, and sponsors, and happy, happy, happy; February.
As you know, February is the month of love, and we here at 
The Shoes Saves Foundation, are excited about the approaching holiday, of Valentines Day.  Since, Valentines Day is fast approaching, we thought we'd list a few ideas for a great holiday extravaganza, for both you; and your one, an only, true love.

1) Schedule, and prepay for a day at the spa, as a couple. Make sure you get facials for two, a manicure, and a pedicure for her, and body wraps, or massages for both him, and her. Then, follow up the day spa visit; with a romantic lunch, at your favorite restaurant, before the Valentines Day dinner guests, start rushing in.

2) If  you are in a state where the weather is mild, or warm in February, plan a lovely picnic. Include in your picnic, a wicker picnic basket, (if don't already have one, google one online, or go to Macy's, Bloomingdale's, Nordstrom's, Ebay, or Walmart, and order a proper picnic basket. Since it is so close to February 14'th, think about express delivery). If your not big on cooking, no worries, order door dash, Uber Eats, or visit the hot food counter of your favorite grocer, then stock your picnic basket with your sweethearts, favorite foods. Make sure you pack a proper bottle of wine,  or non-alcohol sparkling apple cider, (if you prefer no alcohol) and a wine bottle opener. Finally, don't forget a lovey, blanket, to layout, for your sweetie, and yourself.

3) Plan for a long weekend. This year 2023, Valentines Day, falls on a Tuesday, so give your sweetie a dozen of long stem red roses, and a traditional box of candy, and a card, on Valentines Day. In the card, mention a favorite mini vacation spot, and schedule a long weekend. In other words, take Friday February 17'th off from work, and go to your favorite bed and breakfast, or weekend retreat hotel, and hand out with your spouse, for a long weekend get away. Also, since it is the week of Valentines Day, make sure you make reservations in advance, of your desired weekend.

Praise Jesus, and happy Valentines Day.

Don't forget; to keep us in prayer, at The Shoes Saves Foundation, as prayer does truly change things. Also, don't forget to send in your much needed donations, as so many depend on them; because our goal is to help as many as we can, while also continuing our building renovation project. In addition, if you'd like to send any donation, including your own tithes, an offering, you may do so, by following the instructions on the donations page.  Finally, if you would like to join our ministry, please go to the contact page, and follow the instructions.  Praise The Lord, our scripture reading for the month of February, comes from the book of Ephesians, chapter 5, verse 33, which says: "However, each one of you also must love his wife as he loves himself, and the wife must respect her husband."

Praise The Lord.  Remember The Lord wants us to love our own spouses, so do something great for them this Valentines Day, February 14, 2023.  Hallelujah, Praise The Lord!!!

Reverend Joi Karla Hubert

With the love of Christ, remember God is Good.

Recite Joi's Prayer below for those who love to pray their own way through any situation:

Lord Elohim, help us through this time and bring us to our correct and rightful place. Remove all demonic forces from around us, and those who heed their call. You are righteous, and just; and a guiding force through all darkness. We also ask you to cleanse, and purify all that we eat and drink, on a daily basis. Lord God of all the heavens and earth, I believe in my heart, that Jesus is the son of God, and confess with my own mouth: Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior. Jehovah God, you answer the prayers of those who ask, and call on you in the name of the Messiah. Bless us with right standing Lord, bless us with health, and strength Lord, and help us meet all requirements of our own daily existence. Shine us up Lord, and remember us Lord, then take us on wings of glory where we should go, stay, and remain; in the name of Jesus, Ben Elohim Al Akbar. Amen and Amen 

By: Reverend Joi Karla Hubert

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