Our foundation is dedicated to aiding those in need of shoes and other services both domestically and internationally, with an emphasis on the USA.  We pride ourselves on being a reliable and dependable foundation that cares; as we focus on the needs of the people and organizations we serve.  God has given the Shoes Saves Founder, Reverend Mother Joi Hubert (the Shoes Saves Foundation shinning rainbow); the vision to help the community in this way, by providing shoes and specialized skills training.  Our focus is to aid as many people as we can world wide; as we keep our direction on The Evangelical Movement. While we know only God saves, however; shoes will save the feet.  Also, follow us on twitter by clicking on the Icon above; or FaceBook at Shoes Saves Foundation Ministries.

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Providing shoes to those in need!

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Shoes Saves Foundation 
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Welcome to The Shoes Saves Foundation Ministries Bulletin and Message Board, A Proud Member of Evangelical Society.
Free COVID - 19 Vaccines Available To The General Public; 16 years old, and older; Call (313) 230-0505.
Information on The June 2021 Silver Time Cook-Off Event, is available on the contact page.
The July 2021 Newsletter is available, Newsletter 84.
Let your own hands do the walking through the pages of The Articles of Sound Doctrine, or The Book of Shine, or The Celebrity Guide And Pamphlet, What All Celebrities Must Know.
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Don't forget to send in your much needed donations, as so many depend on your giving's. Thanks for your support.
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You may send your tithes and offerings online via the donations page, or via mail, please see the contact page. Praise The Lord, and may God bless you, of your own blessings. 
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        Our theme for 2021 is: "Live fit in mind,  
                            body, and soul."

 Happy Father's Day 2021
Happy 4'Th of July 2021
Happy Birthday 
Reverend Joi Karla Hubert
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Fact of the month!

​Space, Galaxies, and Planets.
What is space? The Webster’s College Dictionary defines Space as, “the outer atmosphere of the Earth.” To define Outer-space further; think of Outer-space, being groups of planets, which also have in these planetary groups, stars, moons, and asteroid fields, also called asteroid belts. The stars in these planetary groups, are sometimes large and  very hot. When a star is large and very hot, it is usually referred to as a sun. Planetary groups are referred to as solar systems, because each group or cluster of planets, has one or more suns in it's own group. Of course, the word solar refers to a sun. Our solar system, has several planets in it,  as well as; several moons, and one sun. The planets in our solar system are: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. The moon closet to the Earth is crusted over and uninhabitable. The moon closet to Jupiter is not crusted over; and can sustain life, it is called PRIMEDEOM. It is pronounced, like this: [pri], then [mid], then [dee], then [um]. When you put it all together, is said as Primedeom. No matter what the earth’s scientists mis-named, the moon closest to Jupiter, it is Primedeom, as 2+2=4, it is Primedeom, PERIOD.  Galaxies, sometimes have names as well, our  Galaxy is called The Milky Way. What is a Galaxy? Simply put, a Galaxy is a bunch of solar systems, spread over a large span of space. What is a planet? A planet is a massive amounts of matter that orbits, around a star. Planets are also defined as places where beings can be sustained in a natural life, or existence, such as the Earth. What is the fact of month? I, The Good Reverend Joi Karla Hubert, love to have; space chats, and that’s a fact.

Praise The Lord,
Reverend Joi Karla Hubert.