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A Special Thanks To The Osborn Community Garden Staff    

Thanks, to all those who work on our community garden, you are greatly appreciated. 

The Shoes Saves Foundation Management and Staff                           ************************************************************

Acknowledgments and Special Thanks

Monthly Success Story
A special note of congratulations goes out to Brandon Honey. Brandon came to The Shoes Saves Foundation recently looking for assistance in rebuilding his own resume and job search assistance. We at The Shoes Saves Foundation worked with Brandon Honey and rebuilt his resume, and also found eight jobs in his field of profession. We are happy to report; Brandon has had one interview thus far, and is expecting an offer letter in the next few days. The Shoes Saves Foundation is rejoicing with Brandon, yet another deserving Shoes Saves Foundation Client.

Reverend Joi K. Hubert ~ Shoes Saves Foundation 
                            Founder & Executive Officer 

*The Shoes Saves Foundation is Proudly Listed with The Michigan Chapter of The Better Business Bureau*

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Above to the left: Reverend Joi Karla Hubert's daughter TT, when she was a baby.