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P.F.A.C.T.T  (Prevention and Finding Acti-vision in Condensed Treason Terrorism) Political Action Committee

*PFACTT would love to network with you if you are a concerned business owner. If you would like to register your website or business with PFACTT please sign the Guest Book.

PFACTT:   Is a domestic and international political action community, focused on helping people both domestically and internationally with various social issues; with an agenda of preventing various acts of terrorism and unfair community hardships. PFACTT, has a proven history in helping various USA Cities, USA States, and various other countries. PFACTT is directly associated with the Shoes Saves Foundation and is interested in hearing from you. Please contact us with any concern that we may be able to assist you with, as PFACTT is for the people, concerning the people, and about the people.

​PFACTT is excepting new members. If you would like to join PFACTT, please select Contact Us, fill out the contact information; and we'll be happy to register you.  

If you would like to make a donation to support PFACTT, please select the donations tap at the top of the page; and follow the instructions for a credit card donation or standard mail donations .  

PFACTT would love to hear your thoughts and comments please post a comment below in our blog section.

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Home school, online school, or back to the school house?

by Joi Hubert on 08/09/20

Here is the question of the hour?  In the September 2020 - 2021 school year; are you going to send your own children back to the school house, or are you going to home school, or lastly, are you going to allow your own children to be online schooled?  In lieu of COVID-19, let us know what you think?

Reverend Joi Karla Hubert

So we made it through the storm.

by Joi Hubert on 07/10/20

I'll keep it brief, and simple; less and less of us, are dying of COVID-19.  Here are the current stats: in the USA - there are 3 million confirmed cases, and 135 thousand deaths. Shouts go out to Alaska, with 1,521 confirmed cases, and 15 deaths. The state with the most needed improvement is, New York; with 404 thousand confirmed cases, and 31,979 deaths.  If in case your wondering, Michigan; The Shoes Saves Foundation Ministries, home state, has 75,247 confirmed cases, and 6,275 deaths.  That being said, all in all; we are kicking butt, and taking names later.  Great way to fight USA.

PFACTT Editorial Staff.


by Joi Hubert on 05/13/20

What's up fellow bloggers out there; and those who love to read blogs.  Let's talk about the burning question of the hour, when is COVID 19 going to be completely eradicated?  My God, enough is enough.  We as American citizens, have had a new outlook on life; as we know it, in the land of the free.  We have adapted to quarantining ourselves, in doors, for the most part. We have learned to stand six feet away from others; if we simply must go out, and we are washing our own hands, more than some of the hand soap manufacturers, can produce soap. All of this is leading up to us Americans, becoming a completely humble nation. When all is said and done;  here's where we are statistically speaking in the current cases of COVID 19 in the USA, and globally, as of today's date Wednesday, May 13, 2020.  In the USA, 1,400,741 confirmed cases, and globally 4,254,193 confirmed cases. As of May 12, 2020; 84,705  COVID  19 related deaths in the USA, and 297,739 COVID 19 related global deaths. Thus far, a total recovered  COVID 19  global related cases stands at 1,655,993 people. However, the USA has one of the largest cases of COVID 19 outbreaks globally, year to date. Please feel free to share your comments about these alarming statistics.  

PFACTT Editorial Staff

Jeffery Epstein commits suicide.

by Joi Hubert on 08/12/19

Under heavy legal pressure Jeffrey Epstein commits suicide in his jail cell. Jeffrey, a well known financier; with tides to several famous people, was found dead in his cell early Saturday (08/10/2019) morning.  Jeffrey was being held without bond, while facing sex-trafficking charges, was f ound dead around 6:30 am. When the correctional facility staff  found him; they immediately started CPR, then Epstein was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. We invite you; our readers and fellow bloggers, please share your thoughts on this situation. Is the death of Jeffrey Epstein a justice, or  a tragedy?

Praise The Lord!!!

Reverend Joi Karla Hubert

"LIVE YOUR COLOR", for 2018.

by Joi Hubert on 01/27/18

Hello friends, well as you all know; it's 2018, and boy oh boy, are we happy about it.With every new year, we at The Shoes Saves Foundation; adopt a new theme.  For this year, our theme is "LIVE YOUR COLOR". We love the various colors of the color spectrum, and hope; each one of you, will remember all the various beautiful colors of the world. Whatever your favorite color is; remember, the love The Lord of Host has for us all, and consider your fellow man this year.  If you have an unique color concept or idea for 2018, chime in and make a comment.

Praise The Lord!!!

Reverend Joi Karla Hubert