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The Articles of Sound Doctrine

Have you heard THE TRUE SECRET?  For the answer to the true secret and for God's opinion about all topics concerning the Christian Household, read The Articles of Sound Doctrine.  To thoroughly understand The LORD's  position on everything from astronomy, to the state of affairs of the church, the power of the 7, and beyond; this doctrine will address all your concerns.  The Articles of Sound Doctrine, by Reverend Joi Karla Hubert, are currently on sale  for $49.99 for a limited time only.

The world renowned an acclaimed The Articles Of Sound Doctrine; a Multi-page document of current ministerial information based in twenty-first century ministerial practices and procedures. The Articles of Sound Doctrine, also includes a Certificate of Authenticity, with each order.

Order Here 

The Articles Of Sound Doctrine - $49.99 
Shipping and Handling Charges - $6.00 
Sales Taxes                             - $3.35
Total Price $59.34

*Please allow for 5 to 7 business days for receipt of product*



The Articles Of Sound Doctrine  - $49.99
Shipping and Handling               - $20.00 
Sales Taxes                              - $4.19
Total Price  $74.18​

*Please allow for 10 to 15 business days for receipt of product*
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The Book of Shine ~ Now Available
  The latest book by Reverend Joi Karla Hubert

   Order At: https://bookstore.dorrancepublishing.com
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The Book of Shine ~ The Guide to health, wealth, love, happiness, and peace: is a comprehensive guide to daily living for every lifestyle. The Book of Shine is guaranteed to please, thrill, and rejuvenate all readers. 

The Articles of Sound Doctrine ~ Now Available 
By Reverend Joi Karla Hubert