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Community Alert!!!

Beware of the Hello Scam!!!!

The hello scam is a new scam, that has been going around the community. It begins when, Person A walks up to, or walks by Person B, and says “Hello, how are you today?” When Person B then responds, “Great, thanks for asking, how are you,“ or gives any response at all to Person A; the scam is then in full effect. Little does Person B know, they have just been a victim of the Hello Scam. Here’s how the scam works, Person A tries to get any, and all information about other people, via public records, or approaching people with fake ballot petitions, or just simply looking through the phone book. Then Person A goes somewhere that excepts payments though billing people to their home address, and provides Person B’s name and home address for payment of billable items. This is slightly different from Identity Theft, because when Person A says hello to Person B, and then gets a response back from Person B, Person A says; that by responding to them in anyway, was how Person B gave permission to use their personal information. Once the retailer receives the billable address they simply bill Person B for whatever items were involved; thereby sending Person B a bill for products and services; Person B never ordered, or spoke to anyone about, and also never received. Clearly Person A received the billable products and services, meanwhile Person B gets a bill, or cost for the products and services that were rendered to Person A.  


Shoes Saves Foundation Management and Staff.


Theme For 2015: "Healthy Eating And Cooking"
We are, what we eat;we've all heard that before.  Remember, to be something great; as we encourage everyone, to eat well. Keeping that in mind; we've decided that 2015's theme is, Healthy Eating And Cooking. In 2015, let's all make an effort to eat better, and make better choices in what we eat. 

Don't forget our "SHOES FOR CHRISTMAS" donation drive. We are looking to help thousands of families this year, with providing needy families with shoes for Christmas. Don't forget to donate today, your donations matter.
Shoes Saves Foundation Management and Staff

*October 2015

Don't forget about Octoberfest 2015: This October 1 through 31 is Octoberfest. Octoberfest focuses of community and has a specific theme this year of 
"SHOW SOME CARE". We, the Shoes Saves Foundation staff, management, and sponsors, want to encourage our neighbors and community to remember to look out for the safety of all those around us in the community this October and all year long. This means watching out for the kids who walk by in the morning going to the bus stop, or helping an elderly neighbor cross the street. Remember to watch out for all unoccupied houses during the Halloween season as well. When we help each other; the community grows and flourishes. Then we end the month with a celebration of nature’s goodness for the season changes, as fall has begun. Remember our community focus of "SHOW SOME CARE", and together we can make a difference.

Shoes Saves Foundation Management and Staff.

*The Shoes Saves Foundation has deemed 2015 the year of change with an emphasis on healthy eating and cooking.  Try building the four food groups into all meals through out the day.  Remember a healthy diet, does wonders for how you feel.  Stay motivated to eat healthy, and live well.  

*The Shoes Saves Foundation is Proudly Listed with The Michigan Chapter of The Better Business Bureau*The Shoes Saves Foundation has provided Free Computer Classes at several  Senior Living Communities.  We (Instructor: Reverend Joi K. Hubert) are providing Free Classes and Instruction to all residents who are interested in learning basic skills in Word, Power Point, Excel, internet searches, and basic internet usage skills.  We are providing instruction in the skills sets involved in any  interview process & what to expect during the interview training. This is training needed for a successful interview and hiring process.  We have had an overwhelming response from the residents in the community who have a strong desire to learn new skills, as well as; strengthening any existing skills they may have. Many seniors are currently re-entering into the work force, or are simply semi-retired; and have found value in learning basic computer skills. Please feel free to contact us, if you would like to have a class like this provided at a senior community, or similar organization.

*Senior Story Time: At Saint James Nursing Home every week in Detroit MI.  Reading  novels to residents at Saint James Nursing Home respark reading interest in residents and the sick and shut in.  

*This Is Truly, a Thriving, Happy, Informative, Wholesome, Safe, Secure (Norton & JKH Anti Virus Protection), Healthy, Clean, Gameless,  & Good Website, Reflecting That; Prospering and Living Our Own Dreams On Every Page.*  

​*The Shoes Saves Foundation is Proudly Listed with The Michigan Chapter of The Better Business Bureau*
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Current Events 
Our wonderful library staff at The Franklyn Branch Library; donated the eclipse glasses to the community, as pictured above to the left, and to the right is a 
picture of today's solar eclipse 08/21/2017 at 2:53 pm EST.

Hello, Hello, Hello, Osborn Community; of the 48205's. There are pumpkins in the community garden, and they are beautiful. Big ups to the volunteers who planned, planted, and maintained the crops this year. Oh, and big ups to your girl~myself; for always keeping you fellas and ladies informed; as to, what's going on. Holla!!!!!
Praise The Lord,
Reverend Joi Karla Hubert




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Happy Birthday Reverend Joi Karla Hubert
This is a lot of reading: We invite you to take a moment,  and rest your own eyes!!!!
{Laugh Out Load - LOL}
Shoes Saves Foundation Management and Staff.
Happy Flag Day
Happy Labor Day September 7, 2020 - Shoes Saves Management and Staff
Happy 4'Th of July 2020 - Shoes Saves Management and Staff
Updated info on COVID 19 in the community tab. 
Shoes Saves Management and Staff